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Upcoming audits, cutomer conference calls, corrective actions that need verification...am I EVER going to be ready to implement a Calibration Management Software program?


We know how busy you are. That's why we will convert your current data, install our software, and train your people. You won't have to lift a finger - contact Gage Control Software and let us tell you about how easy our software is to implement and use.


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We are not ashamed to admit we designed our gage calibration software to look sharp, BUT IN OUR CASE BEAUTY IS NOT SKIN DEEP. We are deservedly proud of our software’s simplicity, effectiveness, competitiveness, and practicality. Show current and potential customers that you take calibration requirements seriously! Click to view Calibration History Report

Our gage calibration software program is designed to save you time. With just a few keystrokes:

a) You can identify gages that are due for calibration,
b) determine their location,
c) calibrate them, and
d) print bar-coded labels.

  • Our gage calibration software program makes processing your In-house calibration documentation fast and simple. Click to view the Calibrate In-house fields

  • We know you do not have the capacity to calibrate all your gages. Our gage calibration software offers easy/intuitive outside calibration service processing and tracking. We even allow you to attach a scanned outside calibration service certificate directly to the software. Click to view "Outside Calibration" fields

  • Our unique DEEP BLUE inquiry screen allows you to generate thousands of custom inquiries/reports easily with no special training. Filter reports by any combination of: status, date, location, employee and more. You can also export all reports to Adobe Acrobat, Excel, Word, and many other popular formats. Click to view "Deep Blue" inquiry screen

  • Why scramble with files and binders when showing auditors, customers, and potential customers calibration history? All you need to do is CLICK ONE BUTTON!!!! Our calibration history screen is comprehensive, easy to understands, and demonstrates your dedication to calibration and maintenance. Click to view "Calibration History"

  • Gage Control Software is ISO 9000, ISO-ANSI 17025, and AS 9100 compliant.

  • We offer detailed and comprehensive inquiry/reporting capabilities: calibration history and audit trails, location change tracking, and traceability to the National Standard.

  • Go PAPERLESS!!—scan and attach calibration procedures and outside calibration certifications directly to the software. Click to view "Attachment" fields

  • Increase efficiency by generating Barcode labels directly to label printers. Click to view "Barcode Labels"

  • Copy/Clone gages to save time and ensure continuity. Click to view "Copy Button"

  • LET OUR GAGE CALIBRATION SOFTWARE DO THE WORK FOR YOU! Our gage tracking software can email you—upcoming and past due calibration/preventive maintenance notifications. Click to view "Email/Text Messaging"

  • Do your gages disappear into thin air? Gage Control’s powerful Transfer module allows you to locate 100% of your gages 100% of the time. Click to view the "Transfer Gage" screen

  • Our gage calibration software program allows you to easily access ‘Gage in Storage.’ Tooling and rarely used gages can be added to our gage tracking software’s database (to be available for reference), but can be exempted from the calibration cycle. Click to view "Gages in Storage"

  • Numerous customizable user-defined fields and dates help you track information based on the particular needs of your shop. Click to view "User-defined" fields

  • Many companies require their employees provide their own gages; manufacturers also loan their gages to other companies—No problem! Our gage calibration software program is designed to track proprietary information. If an employee leaves suddenly, you can instantly differentiate between employee owned gages and company owned gages. Click to view "Proprietary Information" fields

  • Tired of taking responsibility for lost gages? Our gage calibration software program allows you to pinpoint a gage’s exact location. Click to view "Locations" fields

  • Personalize your software by embedding your logo in every report.

  • An on-screen notepad allows for reminders and facilitates communication between calibrators. Click to view "Internal Notes" field

  • We offer ‘Global’ (mass-update) utilities. Etch the wrong ID on a gage—No problem! Use the find and replace utility to match the gage with the software. Click to view "Mass Update" Utilities

  • Allow multiple users to access your calibration database simultaneously! SQL Server is an incredibly safe, stable and reliable relational database. Gage Control Software uses ONLY a SQL Server database.

  • Our user-manual and all implementation documentation are thorough, intuitive and easy-to-understand. Click to view "User-manual"

  • Instantly locate any gage in your shop. Looking for a particular anvil micrometer? Gage Control software makes it easy! Click to view "Gage Types"

  • Our software is password protected. Individual users are assigned specific access rights—ensuring that only employees with the proper qualifications maintain/transfer gages. A detailed audit trail can be generated that shows exactly who calibrated or transferred a gage. Click to view "Calibrators Screen"

Take Control of your Gage/Test Equipment Inventory:
Are you uncertain about the reliability and appearance of you current gage calibration system (Index Cards, Word Documents or an Excel Spreadsheets)? Why cling to an inflexible and untrustworthy homegrown system when you can be utilizing a gage calibration software program that will continue to satisfy the calibration management needs of your growing business? Gage Control Software eliminates the opportunities for errors or admissions—stop worrying about things slipping through the cracks.

Gage Control Calibration Management Software is the Easy, Simple, No Stress solution for your gage inventory management and calibration needs.