"Gage Control Software offers multiple real-time dashboards that greatly simplify gage, test equipment, tooling, and machine maintenance management…"

"Viewing overdue gages with just one mouse click and determining the exact number of gages that need to be calibrated two months in the future are just two of the many available dashboard features…"

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Calibration Software for the 21st Century:

A limited budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. Gage Control Software is a powerful and affordable gage calibration/preventive maintenance management application designed to help small and medium sized manufacturers control their test equipment inventory and allow for quicker and more accurate calibration. Our software’s impressive capabilities not only ensure your test equipment is in compliance and always audit-ready: Gage Control Software’s effectiveness can be a key sales tool that demonstrates your company’s dedication to continuous improvement. We have no doubt; our gage calibration software program can fulfill all you gage tracking requirements.

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Designed to save you time

The Easy, Simple, No Stress Solution:

Gage Control Software is the Easy, Simple, No Stress solution for your gage inventory management and calibration needs. Other software companies say their product is the easiest to use; Our software is the easiest to use. Just compare software: our user interface is INTUITIVE AND ECONOMICAL—it is NOT overloaded with repetitive buttons and confusing tabs that make the software difficult to implement and complicated to use. Operators require very little training and supervision when: learning to enter calibration information, transferring a gage, or viewing gage history/status/location. Our gage calibration software makes gage management straightforward and uncomplicated.

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Variety of powerful tools

Keep your Quality system on the cutting edge:
  • Gage Control Software is ISO 9000, ISO-ANSI 17025, and AS 9100 compliant.
  • Our reports and unique DEEP BLUE inquiry screen allow for comprehensive inquiry/reporting capabilities: calibration history, audit trails, location change tracking, and traceability to the National Standard.
  • Increase efficiency by generating barcode labels directly to label printers.
  • Go PAPERLESS!!—scan and attach calibration procedures and outside calibration certifications directly to the software.
  • NETWORK YOUR CALIBRATION MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE. Gage Control Software allows for multiple concurrent users and utilizes a SQL Server database.
  • Gage Control Software allows for multiple concurrent users and utilizes a SQL Server database.
  • Copy/Clone gages to save time and ensure continuity
  • Our software gives you the ability to organize/track your tooling and facilitates machine preventive maintenance.
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